It Came From Nashville


Think of the Ventures and the Blasters fused, with a little spaghetti-Western-era Ennio Morricone thrown in for good measure.

This long-out-of-print debut has a complex history: 1986 vinyl release of 1,500 copies on Racket Records; 1987 reissue on vinyl by Landslide Records; 1993 CD release by Watermelon Records, with four bonus studio tracks; 2004 digital remaster by Landslide, including six bonus live tracks.

That means “It” has grown from 12 to 22 tracks — 12 studio and 10 live — on which Wilder wears his rock and roll heart on his country sleeve, his own brand of American music commingling with interpretations of Hank WilliamsLittle Jimmy DickensJohnny CashRoy OrbisonJohnny BurnettePaul Revere and the RaidersKevin WelchSteve Forbert, the LeRoi Brothers and Steve Earle.

Those who appreciate the gray area between country, surf, psychedelic and swamp know or should know about Wilder. It does a soul good to see this cult classic not only perpetuated, so that others might imbibe WW’s roots-rock elixir, but improved upon as well.

1. How Long Can She Last
2. Horror Hayride
3. I’m Burning
4. Is This All There Is?
5. Devil’s Right Hand
6. Move On Down The Line
7. One Taste Of The Bait
8. I’m Wise To You
9. It Gets In Your Blood
10. Poolside
11. Ruff Rider
12. Keep It On Your Mind
13. Rock ‘N Roll Ruby
14. Samson And Delilah’s Beauty Shop
15. Cactus Planet
16. Dance For Daddy
17. Adam Dread Intro*
18. Rock Therapy
19. Who Is Webb Wilder?*
20. Hole In My Pocket
21. Webb Wilder Credo*
22. Pretty Little Lights Of Town
23. Inner Space Rap*
24. Rocket To Nowhere
25. Steppin’ Out
26. Webb’s Theme (Guns, Girls And Hillbilly Music)

*stage banter

total time: 1.1 hours

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