Favored Nations Acoustic

Legg, voted “best fingerstyle guitarist” by Guitar Player’s readers four years running (1993-96), delivers his least acoustic-sounding album for his 14th release.

Adorned with guitar synths and occasional strings and horns, Legg expands his traditionally miminalistic sound to new sonic heights — while maintaining an acoustic core. Drawing on youthful experiences, he uses his palette of strings to create an aurally impressionistic collection that tells “where I came from, where I am now and what I leave. I wanted to look back to before the guitar arrived in my own life as well as what has happened since and beyond it.”

Guitarist/producer Phil Hilborne (who helmed Legg’s previous effort) again recorded at his W.M. Studios in Pitsea, Essex, England. Hilborne informed Good New Music that despite the preponderance of what sounds like keyboards, “pretty much all the keyboard sounds on ‘Inheritance’ were played by Adrian using a Roland pickup on his guitar that was sent to a variety of sound sources.”

“In fact,” Hilborne told GNM, “the only track that had actual keyboards on it was … ‘English Blue’ that I played synth bass on. Of course, the trombones and strings on ‘Doublejigs’ and also on ‘A Waltz for Leah’ were real instruments. But other than that, it is all Adrian, particularly ‘Decree’: That was played in one take, in one pass using one guitar that was triggering about six sound sources: amp, digital interface and four synth channels.”

1. Nefertiti – What A Sweetie!
2. My Blackbird Sings All Night
3. A Waltz For Leah
4. More Fun In The Swamp
5. Nail Talk
6. Doublejigs
7. English Blue
8. Decree
9. The Good Soldier
10. Psalm With No Words
11. Emneth

Total time: 44.4 minutes

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