The Paul Thorn Band

So Far So Good

Perpetual Obscurity

Thorn’s a songwriter, not a fighter.

The former pugilist traded in his boxing gloves more than 10 years ago after going so far as to fight Roberto Duran on national TV, opting instead to make music. Hailing from Tupelo, Miss., he has a blues-gospel viewpoint that informs his country-rock-R&B output.

With four studio albums under his belt, he now has a sizable portfolio from which to extract a cross section of his work. “So Far So Good” is a reissue of a 17-song concert DVD previously sold only through his website and on the road, packaged with a bonus 16-song CD containing five songs not on the DVD. Those who already own the DVD have the option of downloading the bonus audio portion from the iTunes Music Store.

Onetime country songwriter Billy Maddox has been Thorn’s co-writer from the beginning, and as “So Far” attests, the mentoring has paid off. With a crack backup band to boot, the future’s wide open, so look for these guys’ following to continue to grow.

1. Mood Ring
2. Heart With 4 Wheel Drive
3. Rocks
4. I Bet He Knows
5. Burn Down The Trailer Park
6. Lover’s Vacation
7. Hammer And Nail
8. Every Little Bit Hurts
9. What Do You Take Me For
10. A Lot Of Good Reasons
11. High
12. I Have A Good Day
13. Joanie The Jehovah Witness Stripper
14. Ain’t Love Strange
15. Mission Temple Fireworks Stand
16. If I Can Get Over Her
17. I Guess I’ll Just Stay Married

Total Time: 1:32:56

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