Blood of the Ram

Eleven Thirty

Enough can’t be said about this Austin, Texas-based group. If every band wrote, played and sang as well as the Gourds, music fans would be in heaven.

“Blood” is their shining hour. “TTT Gas” is a song Roger McGuinn should consider doing — it’s perfect for him; “Illegal Oyster’s” musical saw is just the right touch to cap off a near-perfect tune; and “Let Him In” has a swirling, carousel-type organ sound to die for.

The Gourds have a musical kinship with the late, great Doug Sahm, so enough said. Their surreal folk-country-rock thing and the most offbeat lyrics this side of Fagen and Becker — usually satirizing Southern stereotypes and lifestyles — have endeared them to folks who easily tire of radio drivel, and that’s across all music categories.

1. Lower 48
2. TTT Gas
3. Escalade
4. Illegal Oyster
5. Arapaho
6. Wired Ole Gal
7. On Time
8. Do 4 U
9. Let Him In
10. Cracklins
11. Spanky
12. Blood of the Ram
13. Turd in My Pocket

Total time: 48.2 minutes

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