Rosco Gordon

No Dark in America


roscoThis is Gordon’s swan song, finished a few months before his death in July 2002 at the age of 74.

An R&B singer/songwriter/pianist, Gordon created a piano shuffle in the early ’50s known as Rosco’s Shuffle. When his Sun, Chess and RPM 45s became available to Jamaicans at the end of the decade, they adopted his shuffle for electric guitar, and ska was born. He had fallen into obscurity until a few years ago, when he figured prominently in Martin Scorsese’s PBS documentary series, “The Blues.”

Recorded over five years and at nine locations, “No Dark in America” began as a project of Hoobellatoo, a field-recording enterprise started by two former members of the rock group Enormous Richard. Overdubs were slowly collected and added onto Gordon’s basic tracks, while the title track and a few others were recorded with a live studio band.

Hot stuff. Guests include ex-Wilco drummer Ken Coomer; Black Crowes guitarist Audley Freed; and Joe Pisapia, the guitarist for Nashville-based pop-rock group Joe, Marc’s Brother.gnm_end_bug

1. No Dark In America
2. Cheese & Crackers
3. Early In The Morning
4. A Night In Rio
5. Girl In My World
6. You Don’t Care About Nothing
7. I Am The One
8. That’s What You Do To Me
9. You Look Bad When You’re Naked
10. Love On Top Of Love
11. Takes A Lot Of Loving
12. Are You Mine?
13. When Baby Come Home
14. One More Time
15. Now You’re Gone

Total time: 59.8 minutes

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