47 Moons

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Twilley serves as a case in point for why old-timers shouldn’t summarily be dismissed as washed-up, past their prime or simply having nothing to say.

Thirty years later, Mr. “I’m on Fire” has crafted a fine piece of merchandise, a post-modern power pop album with something to say. The expected maturity is there: Sun rockabilly has been replaced by Byrdsian introspection – sparkle has made way for jangle.

It’s easy to see why Twilley hooked up with Tom Petty for several tracks in the ’80s. They share an affinity for and often sound like Roger McGuinn, as Twilley does here on the rousing opener, “You Better Watch Out.”

On the follow-up ethereal title cut, he comes across vocally as a fusion of Brian Wilson and “Watchdog”-era Jules Shear. The listener can’t help but being struck by the sonic quality, and suddenly it becomes evident that Twilley, as producer, had total control over the proceedings and was having a blast. No wonder he spent more than a year recording the album with Pro Tools.

Other standout selections include “King of the Mountain,” “Ice Captain” and “Walking on Water.”

1. Better Watch Out
2. 47 Moons
3. Runaway With You
4. King Of The Mountain
5. Ice Captain
6. Walkin’ On Water
7. Chandra
8. Jackie Naked In The Window
9. To Wait Is To Waste
10. Chance Of A Lifetime
11. It’s Our Love
12. Flippin’

Total time: 55.5 minutes

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