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“Why me?”

That was the name of a big hit by Planet P Project back in 1983. It’s also what fans have been asking themselves for 20 years, since the group previously only released two albums.

Actually, Planet P Project is not so much a group as an alter ego of multi-instrumentalist Tony Carey, who used his two-year stint as keyboardist with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow as a springboard to a 20-album-and-counting solo career.

Carey created the alter ego as a way to get around contractual limitations and put out more music. What’s interesting is that those two ’80s albums were science-fiction-oriented. Nearly every song on the self-titled 1983 debut was about space travel, while 1984’s “Pink World” was a concept album about a boy who goes swimming in toxic waste and develops superpowers.

The ambitious “1931” also is a concept album, albeit a decidedly non-science-fiction one. It deals with fascism and racism — topics Carey developed more than a passing interest in while spending 1978-2003 living in Germany (he now lives in Spain). Subtitled “Go Out Dancing, Part 1,” it’s part of a planned trilogy that next will address events that bookend the Cold War, before concluding with a work about refugees and other people who get left “out in the rain.”

As with the first two PPP records, the intensity of the lyrics is matched only by that of the music, which is mostly written and performed by Carey, with lots of guitar help from Tom Leonhardt.

1. My Radio Talks To Me
2. Join The Parade
3. Good Little Soldiers
4. Work (Will Make You Free)
5. The Judge And The Jury
6. The Other Side Of The Mountain
7. Waiting For The Winter
8. Believe It
9. The Things They Never Told Me
10. Where Does It Go

Total time: 50.9 minutes

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