Joe Bonamassa

Had to Cry Today

Premier Artists

It was only a matter of time until upstate New York child prodigy guitarist Joe Bonamassa came into his own. Having explored everything from blues to boogie to Southern rock to jazz — and all between the ages of 4 and 27 — he’s back to the blues again. It’s safe to say he’s now graduated life’s university of music and is ready to pursue a Ph.D. in string wizardry.

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Various Artists

Beautiful Dreamer:
The Songs of Stephen Foster

American Roots Publishing

Unbelievably, there’s never been an album tribute to Stephen Foster. But American Roots Publishing (more than a record label, the nonprofit organization seeks to “develop, nurture and protect artistic diversity within the distinct regions of the United States of America”) has solved that problem.

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Delta Moon

Goin’ Down South

Deep Rush

Someone finally did it.

They created a band with two slide guitarists. But unlike double-lead-guitar groups such as the Allmans, Skynyrd or the Outlaws, Delta Moon doesn’t employ the note-for-note unison technique. The sliders play their notes in between each other’s, creating a strange polyrhythm with a unique effect on the central nervous system. Occasionally, they’ll cross paths, and that’s when the fun begins.

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The Last Roundup


Finally, the extensively bootlegged 1977 concert, recorded at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium during Poco’s “Indian Summer” tour, is officially released.

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Backdoor Men

Mohawk Combover 

Handsome Productions

All right, punk. You better get over here and listen to this reunion album by the notorious Backdoor Men. What’s that? You never heard of ’em? Where you been, livin’ under a rock or somethin’?

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