Goin’ Down South

Deep Rush

Someone finally did it.

They created a band with two slide guitarists. But unlike double-lead-guitar groups such as the Allmans, Skynyrd or the Outlaws, Delta Moon doesn’t employ the note-for-note unison technique. The sliders play their notes in between each other’s, creating a strange polyrhythm with a unique effect on the central nervous system. Occasionally, they’ll cross paths, and that’s when the fun begins.

But this Atlanta outfit is about more than a lap-style slide guitarist and a bottleneck guitarist. It’s also about voices, because there are two singers: the lap-style slider and a powerful female vocalist. Sometimes they’ll share lead vocals, others they’ll take a solo turn on a song.

Add to this a rhythm section that knows how to choogle, and you’ve got a blues-boogie prescription with unlimited refills.

Kudos to the gang also for their well-chosen covers: J.B. Lenoir’s “I Want to Go”; David Bowie and Iggy Pop’s “Nightclubbing”; and R.L. Burnside’s title track.


1. That’s It
2. I Want To Go
3. Dreams Come Real
4. Stone Cold Man
5. Goin’ Down South
6. Poplar Grove
7. All She Wrote
8. Nightclubbing
9. Shake Somethin’ Loose
10. I’ll Die Trying
11. Nobody Knows

Total time: 43.1 minutes

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