Turntable Matinee

Yep Roc

Sandy and the boys started out in the mid ’90s as a retro rockabilly outfit, but soon branched out to Western swing, country, folk and even a little jazz. Following a break in which bandleader and band recorded an album apart from each other, the group reunited for the 1999 EP, “Radio Favorites,” which boasted some refreshingly exotic numbers.

Two studio albums and a compilation later, they’ve arrived at “Turntable Matinee,” which really is like sitting down with a portable record player and dropping that needle in the groove.

But there are a few twists, notably the four-song block comprising “The Great State of Misery,” coming across as a hybrid “Wasn’t Born to Follow” and “Last Train to Clarksdale”; “Haunted Heels,” with its “Sleepwalk”-like pedal steel riff; the country pickin’ meets spaghetti Western meets Gene Krupa “Ruby Jane”; and the bossa nova-style “Spanish Dagger.”

Other random (and that’s what this album’s all about — eclecticism) surprises include “Slippin’ Away,” an ode to Memphis soul; and a dobro-infused contribution from bassist Jeff West, “Lonesome Dollar.”

1. Power Of The 45
2. Love That Man
3. The Great State Of Misery
4. Haunted Heels
5. Ruby Jane
6. Spanish Dagger
7. Mad
8. The Ones You Say You Love
9. You Don’t Know Me At All
10. Yes (I Feel Sorry For You)
11. Lonesome Dollar
12. Slippin’ Away
13. I Know I’ve Loved You Before
14. Power Of The 45, Pt. 2
15. Spanish Dagger (hidden instrumental track)

Total time: 46:08

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