I See Hawks In L.A.

California Country

Western Seeds

For several years, I See Hawks in L.A. have been filling the void left in the Los Angeles country-rock scene by (the hopefully only hibernating) Beachwood Sparks.

On their third album, ISHLA have found confidence, maturity and their own identity. Considering the diverse backgrounds of the members and how they fell together so happenstance, the group stands poised to bring the dormant genre back.

They’re not alt country, psychedelic country or cowpunk, nor are they retro. But they’re ready to pick up the movement where it left off 30 years ago and run with it.

Friends such as Chris Hillman (mandolin), Rick Shea (various guitars) and Tommy Funderburk (background vocals) make sure a good time is had by all.

Whether cranking out rock-hard tunes like “Slash From Guns N’ Roses,” “Jackpot!” and “Barrier Reef” or mixing it up with introspection (“Midnight in Orlando”), geography (the title track), romance (“Golden Girl”) and documentary (“Byrd From West Virginia” — as in in Sen. Robert C. Byrd), ISHLA is a group to keep an eye out for.

1. Motorcycle Mama
2. Raised By Hippies
3. Midnight In Orlando
4. Slash From Guns N’ Roses
5. California Country
6. Golden Girl
7. Byrd From West Virginia
8. Jackpot!
9. The Donkey Song
10. Houston Romance
11. Hard Times (Are Here Again)
12. Barrier Reef
13. Take My Rest 

Total time: 1:02:14

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