These Chains

Funzalo Records

Discovering Tony Furtado is like finding out about one of your guitar heroes’ obscure influences — someone you’ve never heard of who’s been around for a while and plays to beat the devil.

Furtado came to play slide guitar via the banjo, hence his manic style. Like Joe Bonamassa, he was a young prodigy content to go the instrumental route until he needed to evolve, and then set out to learn how to sing.

This is Furtado’s first album on which he sings his own songs. Among the compositions are collaborations with Jules ShearJim Lauderdale and Al Anderson (ex-NRBQ). Rounding out the disc are an original instrumental, two covers (Bob Dylan and Waylon Jennings) and a public domain song.

Furtado is diligently working his way into the League of Extraordinary Slide Guitarists (Ry CooderDavid Lindley, etc.) and is nearly there. Looks like this white horse is one to bet on.

1. These Chains
2. More & More
3. The Good Stuff
4. Standing In The Rain
5. Swayback Jim
6. The Prisoner
7. Doc’s Bogg
8. Oh Father Mine
9. Bet On The White Horse
10. Brand New Goodbye Song
11. Need A Friend
12. Take A Look
13. One Too Many Mornings

Total time: 50.6 minutes

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