Losst and Founnd


A quarter-century after his death and nearly 40 years after his last album, Harry Nilsson still can do no wrong.

This archive release might not be the exact “comeback album” he had in mind when he began sessions for the tentatively titled “Papa’s Got a Brown New Robe” prior to his demise, but at least some of the songs from those sessions are finally getting the treatment they deserve.

“Losst and Founnd,” as realized by friend Mark Hudson (whom the singer-songwriter initially tapped as producer), is more cohesive than latter-day Nilsson efforts such as “Sandman” and “…That’s the Way It Is.” It’s also a slap in the face of naysaying online-forum commenters who spouted off before hearing it.

As anyone who’s heard the original demos that have circulated on the internet can attest, “Lost” could not have been easy to produce. Hudson’s work to smooth out Nilsson’s voice—which had been dealt a permanent blow when he continued to sing after suffering vocal-cord damage during the recording of the “Pussy Cats” LP—is impressive. But also remarkable is his judicious inclusion of only the cream of the “Robe” crop, rounding out the album with a Jimmy Webb and a Yoko Ono cover (“What Does a Woman See in a Man” and “Listen, the Snow Is Falling,” respectively) as well as a song from Nilsson’s stage musical, “Zapata” (“Love Is the Answer”).

All of the songs were rebuilt to varying degrees, with several reportedly having been recorded to four-track cassette in the home studio of another Nilsson friend, Andy Cahan. At least one cut was stripped down to just Nilsson’s vocal before instruments were added back.

Webb, Van Dyke Parks and Jim Keltner, as well as Nilsson’s bass-playing son Kiefo Nilsson, are among those who helped modernize the tracks. But it’s guitar slingers Ricky Z and Paul Santo who really added some sparkle, collectively laying down some well-placed slide on five of the selections.

1. Lost And Found
2. Woman Oh Woman
3. U.C.L.A.
4. Hi-Heel Sneakers/Rescue Boy Medley
5. Lullaby
6. Animal Farm
7. Listen, The Snow Is Falling
8. Try
9. Love Is The Answer
10. Yo Dodger Blue
11. What Does A Woman See In A Man

Total time: 43:00

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