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After opening with a short tap dance by one of her young friends, Texas-based singer Kincaid jumps headfirst into the title track: a bouncy number by Sylvia Lee that sounds like something Willie Nelson could have covered for his “Stardust” album.

From there, she switches to the first of five compositions by Laurel Gillespie, whom she met while living in Malibu and describes as “a real observer of other people.” Five songs by one artist may seem a lot, but the coverage is justified.

Elsewhere, she covers Sinead O’Connor’s “Three Babies”; “Bayou Country” by Duke Bardwell, a Louisiana man who toured with Elvis Presley and Gene Clark and did session work with Emmylou Harris; “Words,” aka “Words That Are Breaking My Heart,” an old chestnut by the 1940s vocal group The Charioteers; “Closet of Bones,” by Anitra Carrington; and “Enchanted Music Box,” Stephen Walter Lawrence’s first song, written at the age of 15.

Ranging stylistically from light pop to medium rock, with occasional ventures into folk and country, Kincaid delivers simple and honest vocals that can soothe even the most stressed out mind.

1. Kincaid’s A Capella Dance
2. Fools
3. If I Had U
4. 3 Babies
5. Only In Your Dreams
6. Perfect
7. Bayou Country
8. Words
9. Always On
10. Closet Of Bones
11. Now Or Never
12. Enchanted Music Box

Total time: 38 minutes

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