Dog Days


After deconstructing and reconstructing itself not once but twice, BR549 is back as a leaner unit, with an album recorded differently than the others and a fresh outlook.

Opting to reunite as a quartet rather than a quintet, the remaining three original members (including the prodigal multi-instrumentalist who had left to be Bob Dylan’s pedal steel player) recruited a new bassist and started from scratch in the studio, without the usual new songs already broken in on tour.

All the personnel changes and time off seem to have been beneficial, as “Dog Days” is an invigorating batch of songs. The retro shtick has been toned way down, and there’s some genuine experimentation in the arrangements.

“Poison” sounds like it could be a damn good “O Brother, Where Art Thou” outtake. “Lower Broad St. Blues” is a perfect song for Dan Hicks to cover on his next album. The piss-and-vinegar “Leave It Alone” has some of the tastiest twang this side of Duane Eddy — but with all the verve of a classic Webb Wilder tune. Special guests the Jordanaires lend a gospel flavor to “The Devil and Me.” And any album that covers a Dave Edmunds song, in this case “A-1 on the Jukebox,” has got to be hip.

1. Poison
2. After The Hurricane
3. Lower Broad St. Blues
4. Leave It Alone
5. Bottom Of Priority
6. The Devil And Me
7. I’m Goin’ Down
8. You Are The Queen
9. Cajun Persuasion
10. A-1 On The Jukebox
11. Let Jesus Make You Breakfast

Total time: 37:04

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