Favored Nations Cool

Recorded in the studio in 2002 while on tour in Germany, and originally released in that country last year on In+Out Records, this set finds Coryell in good company: drummer Paul Wertico and bassist Marc Egan (both of whom were sidemen for Pat Metheny, although separately).

Never mind that the trio were physically drained and not feeling well from the intense travel their itinerary required. From the cool walking bass, cymbal workouts and Montgomery-meets-Holdsworth stance of opener “Immer Geradeaus” (“Always Straightforward” in German) to the acoustic simplicity of the closing Beatles cover “She’s Leaving Home,” this is instrumental jazz at its finest — a genre the amazingly eclectic guitarist seems most comfortable with.

And yet, at times it’s easy to forget that jazz is what’s being played. A variety of Coryell’s influences from over the years has been distilled into something greater than the sum of its parts, including rock, Brazilian and even country. From reinterpretations of his own songs to material written on the spot to studio improvisations to reworkings of Thelonious Monk standards, this music will grab the listener by the ears, sit him or her down and say, “Listen to me!”

1. Immer Geradeaus
2. Dragon Gate
3. Good Citizen Swallow
4. Tricycles
5. Stable Fantasy
6. Spaces Revisited
7. Round Midnight
8. Three Way Split
9. Well You Needn’t
10. She’s Leaving Home

Total time: 1 hour

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