America Is You and Me


tannerJust in time for the Fourth of July comes “America Is You and Me,” an EP by Dallas-based Dave Tanner, a regional bandleader known for his keyboard prowess and easy-listening vocals.

Adept at any musical style, Tanner got together with 37-year friend and three-Grammy engineer/producer Phil York of Yorktown Digital Works (who twisted the dials for Willie Nelson’s blockbuster concept album, “Red Headed Stranger”) and created this six-song album of original patriotic tunes, two of which were co-written by the pair.

The title song is a call to arms for all U.S. citizens to unite in self-pride, stating what the country isn’t as well as what it is. “America is more than left and right, and more than red states or blue,” it asserts. “When we split into us and them, the American Dream can’t stay true.”

“I Love You and America” tells the story of an emigrant who becomes a U.S. citizen and falls in love, professing to the woman he wants to marry, “I Love You and America.” “Angels in the Dust” is a 9/11 ballad invoking melodic bits of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and the American abolitionist hymn “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

Fighting for truth, justice and the American way is what “Forever the Beat” is all about, while “A New Star-Spangled Banner” humbly offers a simplified reworking of the national anthem of the United States.

When he’s not fronting a dance band, Tanner presents a variety of musical programs incorporating the stories behind the songs, hence the album’s spoken-word conclusion, “Story of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner.’ “gnm_end_bug

1. America Is You And Me
2. I Love You And America
3. Angels In The Dust
4. Forever The Beat
5. A New Star-Spangled Banner
6. Story Of “The Star-Spangled Banner”

Total time: 20:49

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