Tijuana Bible


suhlerHis curriculum vitae now consists of five studio albums, two collaborations and a “best of,” as well as three discs with George Thorogood and the Destroyers, yet Suhler remains a relative unknown.

With the exception of the acoustic “Dirt Road,” his previous solo releases have been issued by Lucky Seven Records, a small label operated by Terry Manning (who started as an engineer for Stax and Ardent before becoming a world-class producer). “Tijuana Bible,” already out for two years in Europe, was to have been a Lucky Seven release in North America but economics kept getting in the way. Thankfully he was picked up by Underworld, because if there’s any justice in this world, this album could bring Suhler the recognition he deserves.

Anyone who’s heard him knows why the Texan was pegged by Thorogood as the jack-of-all-trades guitarist to bring some new blood to the Destroyers: He plays powerhouse but soulful blues-rock, specializing in emotional and virtuosic slide guitar. As far as songwriting, some of the best tracks on Thorogood’s last two albums were penned by Suhler.

Joining him in “Tijuana” are special guests Elvin Bishop, on his own “Drunken Hearted Boy,” heretofore available only as an Allman Brothers Band rarity on their “Dreams” box set or the expanded “At Fillmore East”; Joe Bonamassa, overlaying his superb guitar work on the ABB meets Jimi Hendrix number “Deep Water Lullaby”; and Wet Willie vocalist Jimmy Hall, supplying background vocals for “Po’ Lightnin’.”

Besides the Bishop number, Suhler’s 13 originals are augmented by two more choice covers: AC/DC’s “Up to My Neck in You” and Rory Gallagher’s “I Could Have Had Religion.” Kicking the whole affair up a notch is Tom Hambridge‘s co-production in Nashville.gnm_end_bug

1. Tijuana Bible
2. Devil In Me
3. Drunken Hearted Boy
4. Up To My Neck In You
5. Long Hot Summer
6. Black Sky
7. Deep Water Lullaby
8. Years Of Tears
9. Po’ Lightnin’
10. Border Rock
11. Mexicali Run
12. Sunday Drunk
13. Chaos In Tejas
14. Juice
15. I Could’ve Had Religion
16. Cold Light Of Day

Total time: 1:11:43

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