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Waitiki 7

Adventures in Paradise

Pass Out

The Waitiki 7 are not a revivalist group like Don Tiki — which W7 drummer Abe Lagrimas Jr. was a member of before he and longtime friend/fellow Hawaiian Randy Wong co-founded the original Waitiki quartet — but rather an exotica jam band. The septet updates the genre by augmenting the requisite vibraphone with plenty of sax and violin and often employing dead-serious jazz improvisation.

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East Portal Express

East Portal Express


Some groups start out doing albums of long-form psychedelic music and later hone their craft to produce reasonably short rock songs. For others, it’s vice versa. The debut CD from Sacramento-based East Portal Express gives listeners the best of both worlds.

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Johnny Roth

Vu Jah De’


Fans of Allman Brothers Band instrumentals are guaranteed to love this tastefully executed instrumental electric guitar album with plenty of slide. But besides the southern-rock vibe, Pennsylvania-based Roth impressively channels jazz masters such as Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenour and, to a lesser extent but just as effectively, funk greats like Steve Cropper and Leo Nocentelli.

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Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks

Tangled Tales


Three studio albums into his 21st-century comeback, Hicks is squarely in the groove. Taken as a whole, the melodies, lyrics, vocals and musicianship on “Tales” are nearly as good as on 1972’s “Striking It Rich,” arguably the artistic zenith for his heady mixture of good-time/old-time swing, folk, country and jazz with a lyrical dose of wry humor that never fails to bring a smile.

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The Nighthawks

American Landscape


A white-boy-blues album as delicately balanced as “American Landscape” would be hard to find. Ten well-chosen covers and two originals, running the gamut from R&B to rock to jazz to soul to country, are tied together so neatly that one wishes it were Friday night at the local no-cover-charge watering hole in perpetuity.

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