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wino-strut & Friends


American Standard Time

wino-strut (aka David Phillips) is a Venice, Calif.-based painter who just happens to also be a singer, songwriter and musician — specializing in the re-emerging genre of country rock. “Bloodsicle” is his full-length debut and also the inaugural LP for American Standard Time Records, a spinoff of sorts from its namesake online magazine.

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Rodney Rice

Same Shirt, Different Day

Moody Spring

Having gotten his debut out of the way six years ago with a collection of songs going all the way back to when he first started writing, Colorado-by-way-of-Texas troubadour Rodney Rice loosens up with a set that’s more in the moment.

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Creamery Station

Walk With Me


To get to the heart of the story behind New England-based rising roots-jam band Creamery Station, this publication went straight to the source.

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Daniel Donato

A Young Man’s Country

13J/Cosmic Country

There are basically two kinds of old-school country rock: the kind that features pedal steel guitar weighted equally with lead electric, and the kind with just electric guitar. Daniel Donato’s self-described “21st-century cosmic country” version falls into the latter camp.

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Dave Alvin

From an Old Guitar

Yep Roc

Over the past few years, Dave Alvin’s been busying himself with side projects: a pair of buddy albums with his fellow Blaster and brother Phil, as well as one with Jimmie Dale Gilmore; and a mostly instrumental effort by The Third Mind, a group he put together with members of Camper Van Beethoven, Counting Crows and Better Than Ezra.

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