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Railroad Earth

The Good Life

Sugar Hill Records

If the Ozark Mountain Daredevils had been bluegrass-rock instead of country-rock, they might have sounded like this.

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Jim Lauderdale

Headed for the Hills

Dualtone Music Group

When he was collaborating with Ralph Stanley in 1999 on their duet album “I Feel Like Singing Today,” Jim Lauderdale tracked down Robert Hunter because he had heard the Grateful Dead lyricist was a big Stanley Brothers fan. Hunter agreed to co-write some tunes, and sent lyrics to Lauderdale so melodies could be added. Three songs were written like that: two that ended up anchoring the first Stanley-Lauderdale disc, and a third that surfaced on Lauderdale’s solo album “Onward Through It All.”

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Béla Fleck & Edgar Meyer

The premise: an instrumental banjo-bass duo album, recorded live over the course of three tours.

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Sam Bush

From his kickoff bluegrass-flavored instrumental, to the western swing finale immortalizing baseball’s Ozzie Smith, mandolinist Bush provides sheer musical joy on his fifth solo album...

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